Contacting Us

CSAIO does not have a permanent secretariat, but you can obtain information of a general nature from the Scientific Organizing Committee and specific information about the next conference from the Local Organizing Committee.

Local Organizing Committee

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is established shortly after each Conference by the association/union that will host the next Conference. The LOC's main responsabilities are:

  • providing the conference facilities;
  • preparing and circulating the conference circulars containing detailed information about the conference;
  • handling the pre-registration and on-site registration of participants;
  • selecting, in concertation with the LOC, one of the topics to be covered;
  • gathering and consolidating the material for the Proceedings;
  • editing and publishing, in co-operation with the SOC, the Proceedings;

Scientific Organizing Committee

The Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC) was established during CSAIO-2 as a permanent committee whose main responsabilities are to ensure the coherence and diversity of the topics covered by the conferences, and a continuity in the spirit, form and attractiveness of the conferences. It is also tasked with the selection of the presentations. More specifically, its tasks in respect of each conference include:

  • selecting two of the topics to be covered;
  • identifying, in concertation with the LOC, the speakers;
  • maintaining, in co-operation with the LOC, the mailing list;

In between conferences, the SOC is also responsible for managing the web site (including the Proceedings' archive) and acts as contact point.

The SOC has two members: Anya Demarle (OECD) and Joel Lahaye (CERN).