The Conference of Staff Associations of International Organizations (CSAIO) aims at bringing together staff representatives from international organizations based in Europe or with main offices in Europe, to discuss topics of common interest, in order to better promote and defend the interests of international civil servants. The Conference is held every year, in the Autumn. So far, seventeen Conferences have been held:
Meeting Number Organizer Place Year Link
CSAIO-8 OECD Aix-en-Provence 2007 view
CSAIO-7 CoE Strasbourg 2006 view
CSAIO-6 EC Brussels 2005 view
CSAIO-5 EPO The Hague 2004 view
CSAIO-4 ECB Frankfurt 2003 view
CSAIO-3 EBRD London 2002 view
CSAIO-2 CERN Geneva 2001 view
CSAIO-1 OECD Paris 2000 view